Ruby Ray

By whatever myriad twists of fate, Ruby Ray has now become home to several projects that have to do with magic and the forming of new spiritual traditions… I am redesigning the Horus Maat Lodge website, which contains a wealth of interesting material that sorely needs some UX and design love, as well as making a website for a well known occult author, an internationally renowned psychic, and a local reiki master and alchemical healer. I also recently did a little graphic design for the NWFF occulture films series.

Besides those projects, I’m also getting revved up on an LA production studio site.

Can’t wait to show off these dynamic websites! All of them will be customized wordpress design and will all be coming to completion or close to it by the end of this month.

I seem to have tapped into a strange niche market. Do What Thou Wilt! 🙂 – Kiyan